How to Save Water Damaged Carpet

Wet Carpet Can Be a Challenge

Experiencing carpet water damage can be devastating; the carpets are a challenging piece of your home to clean up after a flood or spill properly. Water damaged carpets can make excellent breeding conditions for dangerous molds and bacteria. Make sure to follow these simple steps to keep your home safe and clean.

  • If you see mold, treat the carpet with a disinfectant as soon as possible. Use chemicals that will kill any mold that would thrive in the Water Damaged Carpetwet carpet.
  • Make sure to remove or repair the source of the spill or leak. This may require the use of a professional if the leak is from a pipe inside of the wall, an appliance or leaky roof.
  • Use towels or dry cloths to soak up all of the remaining liquid. Any remaining liquids in your carpet will damage the floor, ruining the carpet and the padding underneath. Apply pressure to dry towels to help remove the liquids.
  • Use a dehumidifier in the room with the water damaged carpet.
  • Remove any furniture, area rugs, or other belongings that might be damaged by the spill or leak. If the water or liquid is spreading, make sure all belongings are out of the way of the discharge.
  • Use a steam cleaner over the whole carpet. Concentrate your efforts on the damaged spots, but make sure that you clean the entire surrounding area as well.
  • Use a professional carpet cleaning service. Make sure to tell the profession carpet cleaning company about the type of spill and the affected area.
  • Replace the carpet if the spill was sitting for more than 48 hours. Any large water spots that have been settling in your carpets may not be able to be cleaned.

Following these simple steps, you can save your carpet from water damage, if its small to medium size damage.  If you are experiencing flooding or significant water damage, make sure you properly clean the entire area. Generally, it best to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned if you want the best results.