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Wooden Deck Ideas

Deck Waterproofing Extending the Life of Your Deck

A deck is a significant addition to any home. There are several different ways you can add a deck to your home. You can attach the deck to the front of a house to serve as a lovely porch. Like me, you can also attach a deck to the back of a house as a place for the family to go and spend time together and time with friends. A pool is also a favorite place to put a deck. A wood pool deck is standard item homeowners like to place around their pools because the deck will add curb appeal as well as serve as a safety feature.

Back Yard Deck


Protecting Your Wooden Deck

Real wood is a common material that people use for their decks. Real wood is a natural material, and due to that, wood can break down quickly. Because your deck is outdoors, it is subject to the natural elements 24/7. The sun and rainwater are the two most common naturally occurring elements that affect the deck. The ultraviolet light from the sun will make the wood deck age very quickly and water of any kind will cause the wood to rot. By using a deck waterproofing product, you protect the wood material of the deck from sun and water damage and extend the service life of your deck.

Covering the Old Concrete Deck

There really is a great alternative to drab concrete…and one that doesn’t cost the earth, is quick, simple and you can even install yourself. Snap together SwiftDeck hardwood flooring tiles take away all the effort and pain in remodeling any patio, courtyard, terrace, deck….in fact practically any place with a solid level surface.

Simple and Economical

SwiftDeck must surely be the simplest and most economical solution to deck building and patio remodeling problems. And what could be better than the luxurious look and natural warmth of classic wood decking! In less than an hour and without the sweat and toil of hammering, drilling, and sawing, you could be enjoying a new patio with a solid hardwood flooring…a patio that you’ll be only too proud to show off to your friends.